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Disclaimer : Personally, I believe it's all real, but I don't ask you tobelieve like me. Through your own simple experiences you can observe proof ofconcept of real free energy systems. For the non-believers I suggest you consider it all science fiction and go to other sites more compatible with your limited beliefs instead of bothering us. We don't have time to waste with useless criticism and pessimism.  We are not in a religion, it is all about facts and experiments. If the results contradict existing theory, it’s time to change the theory, not deny the results.
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The newsletter will inform you of new discoveries that are possible foryou to make or utilize right now. I have already seen different types of real magnet motors working, so I can confirm for you that you can do it. You just have to know some key principles that most of us seem to overlook or ignore. Alot of the non-working magnet motor prototypes you see on youtube could work with just some minor modifications.

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Here you can receive information about free energy systems, some with the plans. You can get it here right now.
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The proof is available, everyone can set up their own experiments andprove it for themselves. With the experience gained through building and  through trial and error, I hope you too will be successful in making your own  free energy generator. 


1. Free energy Magnet motor


Photo below : This video about one working prototype of this free energy described in this document was suppressed after more then 250 000 vieuws in one year. it was a video from Donald Conley, an American from Chicago, that build this with the inspiration from previous systems of the american George Mitchell and french Leon Raoul Hatem, a french retired clock builder. 

Photo of the video that was suppressed by Youtube on my Youtube account after 294 153 vieuws in one year, suppressed on monday 27 September 2010














Picture : Schematics of the basic principel.  A first drive motor makes the other magnet rotors turning on alternators. The complete system makes more energy then consumed on the drive motor. You can put several rotors like this in series.

Edgar Mitchell and leon Raoul Hatem, two different inventors had discovered this without knowing each other before. The idea is in the air sometimes. There is also a Dutch guy that has discovered something similar a few years ago without knowing the others. 


Above you see a photo of a suppressed video about the free energy generator, with the magnetic gear system :

This video is a replication from a handyman, Donald Conley, from Chicago of one free energy overunity generator made with some of the advice and plans described in the document that he purchased from 2007, so now the updated version brings you a way further in the development. 

This is a free electricity generator inspired by the details described in the plans.

I gave this the name of the Donald Duck free energy Generator.  Why the name Donald Duck? It's because I believe that if he was really alive, even Donald Duck would be able to make it ! No, that's not the reason, the real reason is because the guy that made the first video of his prototype made with this document is named Donald but he wanted to stay anonymous, what I understand, because when you work on free energy prototypes there are sometimes really unpleasant consequences and pressure in the USA. But now this technique is so well known and mainstream. His name is Donald Conley. Now since that time, since he saw the success of his video on my youtube channel, he decided to do his own and to come out of anonymous, you can find him now on the internet too. 

You can find all the information to make it yourself  in the document proposed on this site and even much more.

Donald is one of the customers from this web page that made this prototype, using all the advice and it worked for him, so why not for you?

This was a few years ago now, in 2008 that Donald made this, since then we know a lot better and so you can find all the new advice and updates in the most recent document.  

 Would you like to make your own electricity to? Who not, I believe we all want. This is a first step, to experiment to make free energy. We can conceive a new prototype that works completely on his own and makes free electricity day and night. 

Why isn't it mainstream untill now? Why does it need so much time untill someone make it for real? 

I 've seen through this internetsite that on 100 people that buys the plans and that have the skills to make it, only 3% of them begins really to build it, and only 0,5% of them really goes to the end of their building project and finish his prototype to generate his own electricity.

That is really very few people, not much, but that is the truth. 

It was hard to learn that in fact, a lot of people talk about free energy, about renewable energy,  but very few only Acts really to build solutions, in fact we are only very few to build new inventions, we are only very few to develop new discoveries.


Picture :  Schematics of a magnet gear system, how it could look like if you can build a complete selfsustainable unit like a power generator. Picture of plan of Donald C. inspired by previous researchers and prototypes like those from George Mitchell and Leon Raoul Hatem.  












Over the years that I work in this field and run this internetsite, I  received several testimonials of people sharing their successes and Ihelped several people to make their own system. Read what they say about their system.


I have been running a similar system for 2 years now and doing great. I would like to obtain a few of the magnet pulleys if you may call them that for my system. Keep up the work cause we all know the man hates to see the people do good.

Thanks, Dave 07-05-2010


I see you too enjoy playing with freepower.

I've been doing this since 1998. I first came up with the idea to create a generator that was completely driven by magnetic force... Still working on it today, getting closer, I actually got it to work on a small scale. Mother nature provides us with free power yet we continue to pay for it, never understood that... Anyway, nice to see someone else with the same visions in mind as me! You see most people doing it with complicated electronics that no one can really follow "step by step" you did it the exact way that I once did it.  I did the same thing on my first model.

Ben., USA, 07-12-2010

Hello Yannick,

First let me thank you for bringing this information on free energy  to the public.  This is a wonderful service you are offering.  I have been looking for this for a long time.  I saw your video on You Tube and was very excited. 
I do not have a science background, but I want to have this magnetic generator built.  I am in Maryland in the USA.
Thank you,
Dymond, Maryland, USA, July 2010

Hi there,

I'm from South Africa and I like what you are doing.

I also builded a generator using no fuels, batteries, solar power or wind power. You have a very good idea from what I can see. My generator that I builded works almost like yours.
Its great to meet someone like you to share ideas whit you I would like to receivie news letters and all the stuff and ideas you have. 

Keep up the good work. 

Thank you.  Andrew, South Africa, 03-14-2010



 The plans for the green energy revolution are ready  

On this site you find some links, videos and much information to help you on your path to free energy. This information can help you in your choice of what kind of technique motivates you the most, which do you beleive the most and which will you begin to build and experiment. 

Don't think you will achieve it in one time building of a prototype. Sometimes it takes 10 or 100 trial and error to achieve the results. Nothing is given, only you give yourself the chance to success by continously learning, building and experimenting untill you reach your goal.  


For those who don't want to make it themselves, you can ask to a handyman to make it for you, 

you can find a handyman in your neighbourhood,

It is simpler then you would think, why didn't we thought about it before !

Free energy for all, I beleive it's possible now !  

You can make your own power generator depending on your handyman skills

using the advices from the schematics and respecting the technical principels

explained in the document to help you to make it work.


In the past I asked to the people that appreciated my site to make a donation to continue to encourage me in this work. I discovered that much people contacted me to suck out information without never giving something, even note a "thank you".

I doscovered something else about donations, in reality on 100 visitors of the site there is no one that donate, it is only maybe one in thousand visitors, even less that do a donation. This is a sign that shows maybe the spiritual awareness and egoism of everyday people today, you don't have to be surprised of the modern day catastrophic situation in society with a population in such a mindset. 

It seems that everyday people prefer donate to big pharma, industrial fatty food and electric power bill companies then to real people that try to help them with real solutions to improve their lives.  Isn't it true? Are people aware of this, do they act like this by intention or just by ignorance? Are they all so hypnotised by TV, media and this consumption prison society they put you in?

It you are part of these 999 among the thousand people that don't donate even a "thank you" then you don't have to contact me for more information to help you. 

I beleive that if everyone would donate and help each other, in what they beleive, our today world would be a paradise. You can begin right now to do so within and around you.  Even if you are in the street you can donate with a shiny smile. It's the beginning of happiness. 

If everybody would spend a part of his earning to handcraft made products from people you know or local people, there would be no more unemployement, everybody would have something to do to help each other. But most people are addicted to TV, smartphone and the supermarkets, Wall Mart and ignore their neighbours, their friends, their family, the real life around them. 


I wish you good luck and a growing loving, caring awereness. 

As donation, you can go pay attention to the real people around you, you can also share your experiences, or something else positive.

Would you like to have your own free energy motor or your free electricity generator at home? Yes, probably, otherwise you would not be here to read this.

 I truely beleive the world is changing.
The green energy revolution is right here, right in front of us,  maybe you are still not aware off this, but it would not take long that you would see plenty of electric cars, wind turbines, water turbines, solar panels and last but not least free energy generators and systems in your neighbourhood. If we all beleive this can be true, we can make it happen.

All those systems have one thing in common, they give you back your own power, your own independancy.
From now on, it's only your choice, the technology is there before you, you can find how to do it on internet, 
the power belongs to you ! 

How you get your own power back is your choice, there are plenty different systems possible. But don't stay stuck in the idea that you are a victim of the system, that you can not make your own energy, because that idea belongs to the past, to ignorant people or to madmen. 

You don't need to be a professional to be able to get it, every normal constituated handyman can make it.

We exchange between builders, engeneers, inventors and handymen to make it better and better. It is really amasing how it is working, so simple, it is really amasing to produce his own power. It isalso fantastic how the idea of ones helps the others, how we improve this system all together so rapidly because we work together by sharing our experiences.

Garage inventors are the best, your own personal computer before you was the result of a garage inventor, we don't need milions of dollars to make it happen, just goodwill of you and i is quite enough. You now the company Apple, it began in the garage too.

Turn the lights on, it's up to you ! You understood, I talk about the light of bright ideas in your mind and the light of love, comprehension and understanding in your heart. Better be enlightened than staying with a dark mind. 

All together we make it happen.


Video below :  youtube video about Mitchell that made his own system that he shows, it has similar principels in the way that it uses also magnetic rotors to activate generators, like a magnetic gear system. Magnetic gears has a lot more possibilities then mecanic ones, there are strange mysterious effects of overunity in certain magnetic gear setups and designs that makes it possible to make free energy. 



 Video above : System builded by the inventor Mitchell, his system seems also to be overunity. He is convinced to have discovered a big thing, he beleives his system can change the world to make it possible for everyone to make his own free energy machine. 

Since the publication of this document that you find on this page several engineers, handy-men and people from all around the world succeed in making a working prototype with overunity and free energy results. 

Sometimes they were informed by this document, sometimes they invented a similar working concept  by themselves completely independently. George Mitchell is such a guy, independent self made inventor.

The idea that different people all around the world invent or discover similar things is not new. It tends to proof that our consciousness and know how is interconnected or universal and property off all humankind and not from one individual being. 

We are like a bees in a beehive, we are humans on planet earth moving and thinking, but planet earth and human consciousness belongs to everybody and not to one individual.

This idea is difficult to understand to a lot of people that has an egocentric approach of live in comparison to a community building, earth life respecting and solidarity approach.

Our economic system does make property building as a heroic behaviour, we patent everything and ask for everything the property and the power to decide what is from us or others. 

The reality of life shows us that property is fake and only an illusion that we are used to think, a concept we beleive is true because of the intens brainwashing we have been through from childhood, through the school and society untill now. But at the end, we can not take our money and properties with us in our grave.


This document is a summary of plans, concepts, details, list and copies of related patents, list of suppliers and record of experimental results to make it more easy for you to make your own free energy electricity generator.


This document concerns mainly a magnet motor generator based on the use of magnetic wheel gearing system to increase energy and make overunity.

You can find some of these theories and inspirations back in the work of Hatem, Mitchell, and many others. This document is a result of the study of them all, what led us to make our own prototypes and share our know how, experimental results, to avoid to you to repeat some errors that can make you loose a lot of time and money untill you reach your own succes in building your free energy generator like us. 


News from 28 Januay 2011. Positive results from a handyman in the mountains.

A handyman guy from the mountains, Fabrice André, living in a self builded home at more then 2000 meters of altitude, he powers his home completely with renewable energy sources and this free energy motor. You can find details in the document. He was published on TV while he was making his motor in 2010 and running his first tests. You can visit this home and the motor on demand, just ask him. It is already a adventure to get there. 

This guy was one of my first customers that bought this document released on this site about 2008. He received regularly updates from me and it inspires him to make his motor that he succeeded to do.

He said that with his motor he can make between 40 and 90 kw while consuming only about 500 watts to make produce it. It is overunity.  It is more like a very powerfull energy amplificator. he can make a closeloop, but this asks some more complicated technical details and electronics where he is still working on it.  When you put this with two battery benches, you can alternatively always charge one bench and use the other for consumption, like this you can make complete free energy without any external source, just a battery to start the complete system.


Picture : You see one prototype while Fabrice is explaining to the journalist how it's working. It is a magnet motor based on Hatem and Mitchells working principels. He tells he improved it a lot with some regulation electronics to make it work more properly.


Before you get this document, I want to inform you that this site is sometimes shut down of internet. I receive a lot of pressure of people and organizations that want to shut down this site. They try to make trouble in my life by different ways like bad talking and threatening me and the people around me with all stupid things.  Some people doesn't like that I publish this information, even some of the inventors that i talk about in the document doesn't want that I analyse and describe their work in the document, even if I refer to them. In my opinion this doesn't matter, i have the freedom to have my own opinion and put my own comments and results of my experience so you can have the best information to succeed in your own research and development for a free energy generator. It is my purpose to inform you about what is possible, the best as possible. 

I take no property for any discovery described in the document, I can just tell you that there is so much information on internet that no-one really knows what is true or false, what is the most interesting before making it yourself and test it out yourself, i did this for several techniques since more then 10 years and this document is a result of this work to inform as best as possible and make your research en building of a free energy generator more easy. That is also why there is a big part of the content of the document that you would never find on the internet, because it is own research and updated regularly with my last research results and comments on how to build your own prototype.

There is now already a group of more then 10 different people like you and I that are building and experimenting this free energy magnet motor, since the publishing of it a few years ago. The positive results are shared in this document. 

This site is almost not known and not visited on internet, last months it was around 20 to 50 people a day.... if you take out the tourists this is very pour. Google seems also to hide this site at the end of search engine results. There are only a few people a year that purchase this document, sometimes even nobody in one month. You can controll this with internet site marketing analyzing tools, that I'm not telling you any lies. So you are lucky to be here, I hope you are aware of it.




Picture : Newspaper article from the journal Telegraaf, of 20 th May 2007. The inventor Willem Schroder from Holland on this article shows produly his plans of the prototype he made. He tell that the forces developed by his magnet motor were incredible.  He could almost not beleive it. On a phone call he explained me a little bit further his plans. It is a kind a magnet gear system too. You find some more information shared in the document. 










2.  Free Energy Turbine, used with water or oil, even air.

This turbine is a kind of water turbine. It can also be used with oil. 

Picture : Viktor Schauberger showing his selfsustainable energy turbine. One prototype of this can still be seen in the Viktor Schauberger Museum.


It is a selfsustaines turbine, like a controlled tornado in a box. The energy production can be enormous if it is properly build.

This turbine is close and inspired by previous inventors like Richard Clem, Viktor Schauberger, Mazenauer or Gérard Capdevielle and many others. 

It is known in industry that some turbines increase in speed and become out of controll producing enormous quantities of energy. In industry they don't want out of controll turbines, so they do everything to limit the energy production of a turbine. In our cas we want to understand why it can go out of controll, and improve the turbines to make the most energy and transform it in electricity. 

It is about the controlled use of fluidomechanics, vortices, tornados and how to tansform this huge amount of energy in usefull electric energy.

New discoveries make it possible to understand more about it, what makes it possible to improve the prototypes to working models. 

New research and discoveries : I made a unique document about such a free energy turbine. This is for the moment only in french but there are a lot of drawings and formulas that you can  understand in whatever language.

We have found the specific formulas in today science that explains in details how such a turbine can create free energy. The formulas make it possible to calculate even the exact dimension and the exact rotations speed from which the system would start to produce excess free energy.


Picture : Test prototype easy to build with tubes and bicylce wheel. This makes possible to experiment the forces going on when the water is aspired from the underside and come out by the centrifugal forces out of the tubes on the wheel, creating a significant amount of power from a certain rotation speed that makes it able to become selfsustained and overunity. 


This  document is about "How to create a selfrunning tornado or vortex in a box." How to make a selfrunning oil or water turbine. One french inventor, aerospace engeneer told me how to do, he told me he made already one working prototype in 2009, and here I share you how to do, I share you his theory and formulas in one document that explain very realistically how it works. You can try and test it out yourself.

Personnaly I didn't had all the materials and skills to make a real good prototype, but the prototypes I made prooved already some of the results and principels this turbine is able to do. I was really amazed. Some other people I advized with the document and that had more skills and machines to make it, were able to make better prototypes with better results. One told me and showed me his prototype that once it was started during one minute, it continues to run during more then 5 minutes on its own. This experiment confirm in my eyes also a kind of free energy production. It is a beginning, like the first airplanes... they crashed after flying a few meters in the sky but showed it was possible to fly. We have all still to work and improve our prototypes on the road to success !

I lost contact with the  inventor that sended me the formulas with the first real working prototype, but he told me that the information he gave and my understanding of it, were already enough to be able to make working prototypes. Now it is just a matter of building, testing and persevere untill succes. 

At the same time this cropcircle appeared with a schematic that ressembles very good to one of the handmade schematic the inventor made and sended to me. This were the first schematics about to make a prototype.


Photo : This cropcircle photo is taken on 29 th april 2009 in England and the schematic of a free energy generator turbine was sended to me through this webpage by one inventor in march 2009


More information about this would also be given in the newsletter in the next months, so subscribe to stay in touch. 







Picture : Detailed plan of a kind of turbinator model with the use of tubes. The dimension is calculated with the appropriate formula described in the document. The dimensions are very important to make a turbine worl properly selfsustained. 








Relation of fluid of water, oil and the magnetic fluid. 

The same principels of free energy generation with fluidomechanics can be used for the creation of magnet motors. In this case you just imagine that the fluid is not water or oil, but the invisible magnetic fluid. The mouvement of the magnetic fluid is much more rapid. 

A magnet motor is probably nothing else than a kind of magnet fluid turbine !    Like a flying saucer...



3. Pyramid Electricity

This is a very interesting phenomenon. Do you know that pyramids could be used to generate electricity. it is assumed it work like a kind of antenna for cosmic and earth energies and can be able to transform it into electricity. 

More information and details step by step tutorial how to make a pyramid electricity generator, on this channel, from the Austrian inventor Flavio Thomas  Trawoeger :


Picture : Replication of the Trawoeger pyramid system that I made to try this out. There are defenitely energetic effects and electricity production.  This picture is from th pyramid still in building process summer 2011, not completely but almost finished. 



 Trailer tutorial video of the Trawoeger pyramid generator.






Look at this video below of a presentation of Les Brown, a famous pyramid researcher from the seventies. The original presentation is called "Physics of Crystals" you can find on youtube. He proved with a simple experiment the electric power you can generate in a pyramid. Also he made little book how to use a pyramid for your garden, plant growth and food production. Do you know you can yield more then 80 potatoes on one plant growing in a pyramid in your garden?